Benefits of Google Maps for Business Step by Step

Benefits of Google Maps for Business Step by Step

Benefits of Google maps for business are countless. Google map is an important thing for a business. It will give you a huge number of features along with directions. If you are a business owner then you will love to add a map of your business to your website. Google will verify your standings and will give you an opportunity to provide a ton of information about your business. Google has a free easy-to-use tool called “Google My Business”. You can earn a lot of traffic by submitting your business on Google My Business. Because Google also distributes ranking maps on its pack. It will help your visitor to find your website easily. So it tells no need that there are lots of benefits of Google maps for business. Let’s know about Google My Business before checking the benefits of Google maps.

What is Google My Business (GMB)

Google my business is a free tool provided by Google to help you in your business. To show your online presence it will help you in several ways including search and maps. You can provide a lot of information about your business on GMB. GMB is also a part of SERP ranking. Because it is easy to drive your ideal traffic to your website by placing your business on GMB. If your information is well optimized with any particular keyword, thenI will find out your website on Google SERP Pack. That’s how you will find your targeted audience easily.

Benefits of Google Maps for Business

Google maps is actually a part of Google my business. So Let’s find out the benefits of Google maps for your business.

1| Established the Online Presence

This is the most useful benefits of Google maps. When you will submit your business to Google maps, it will make sure your online presence. By default, you will be able to show your offline presence to your targeted audiences. When a person will see your site on Google maps, it will be more trustworthy for him to recognize your realness. The audience will feel comfortable to find your standings in offline. People will understand your exact presence where they can find their ideal products or services. Let’s clear this properly.

A person is new to London. He asked me about the best barber shop in London. Now, I prefer your shop to him. He will search your shop in Google maps. If your business is submitted in Google maps, then it will be easier to find your shop. That’s how your customer will be beneficial from Google maps.

2| Create a Better Connection with Consumers

Humanize your site using Google maps and an “About Us” page. When you will create an About Us page or a tab on your site people will easily get your legitimacy. Uploading your worker images will give the customer an extreme indication of bonding between owner and workers. It will help your consumers to understand your behavior. Your customer should feel secure before buying or getting any services from you.

3| Get the Local Traffic

When a person wants to buy something locally, he will search on Google. If your products are good, he will find your store or company. So it is easy to find your store by searching your store name in Google maps. If you didn’t submit your store on Google maps then it will be harsh for him to find your store. Because there are lots of stores or company who are selling the same products. So get the benefit of Google maps to receive your local customers.

Features and Benefits of GMB

These are some of the common benefits of Google maps for business. But, you will find the actual benefit of Google for your business, when you will submit your site to Google My Business. There are lots of features and benefits of GMB. Let’s talk about them.

Post in GMB

You can post your events, products or other information on GMB. Google my business gives you an opportunity to show your work in front of your online audiences. If you have a product or services, then please write a post about them. Posts will appear in both Google maps and Google Search. You can also upload images, create event titles etc. But you can write a maximum of 300 hundred words per post.

Short Description of Your Business

First, when GMB started, they allow us to put a short description of our site. But owners and optimizers started misusing it. They started over bragging which was not a good thing. So Google closed that for a long time. But the good news is, recently Google has visible this feature for business owners. Now you can put up a short description of your site. GMB allows a maximum of 750 characters for description. Keep your description unique, informative and eye-catchy. Make it attractive so that it attracts your customer and describes your products properly.

Show, Not Tell Them

GMB offers a feature called Photos. You can use it to show inside and outside part of your business to your customers. Some beautiful images will tell your customer about the charm and beauty of your store or shop. When your store is attractive, it will attract your customers. Because an image can be used instead of 1000 words. So describe your decoration by uploading images on Photos section of GMB.

Chat with Customers directly

A customer can chat with the owner directly via SMS. GMB provides us with a feature of chat or messages. If a customer wants to talk to you, he can. But you will have to add your phone number to chat card. That’s where he will find your number and contact you. Now, response as quickly as possible. Because response time will be displayed on your GMB profile. Remember one thing, people are allowed to send you a message even in off hours. But you can toggle off and on whenever you want to. Like, your work time ends at 7 PM. As it is online, people can find your site on GMB after 7 PM. But you don’t want to accept messages after 7 PM. So, toggle this feature off at the end of your work time.

Google Reviews

GMB has a good feature called Reviews. People can share their experiences, they can provide compliments and advises to the owners. It is an easy way to understand the quality of your products and services for new customers. They will definitely check what other people are talking about your products and services. If your products and services are good enough it will automatically attract the customers.

Question & Answer

A customer can ask a question directly to the owners. There is a feature of asking questions in GMB. There is also a feature of FAQ for customers. It will ask you some questions and you will answer of them. It will allow the owner to know the requirements of the customers. So it is also a useful feature for a business.

Book an Appointments

You can book an appointment from GMB. There is a feature where you can put the link to book the appointments for the services. Nowadays, we book appointments by giving the phone. But it is a modern process of booking an appointment. You can directly book an appointment by clicking the link given to the GMB profile.

Some Small Tips for Google My Business

  • Complete your profile properly.
  • Add a phone number to your GMB profile.
  • Add an appointment link to your GMB profile.
  • Images attract customers. So add more and more beautiful images of your shop and store.
  • Add a short description to describe your services and products.
  • Update posts to let people know about your new services, products, events and more.
  • Respond to reviews. Because positive reviews make 73% of consumers to take the services from you.
  • Add your full address including road number, sector number and every small thing about your business address.
  • Response to messages which people is sending to your phone. Because an average response time will increase your legitimacy to the customers.

These are some tips you should follow when you are submitting your business to Google My Business. It will help to increase your rankings on GMB. So optimize your business profile properly.


You will find lots of benefits of Google maps for business. Google map is very essential for us. Not only for a business but also for our daily works. If we ever move to a new place, the place may seem unknown to us. But Google map will help you to find anything and everything at the right time. You will not have to find anything by yourself. Ask Google and find it in Google maps. I think it is clear that the benefits of Google maps for business are very much getable and usable. Add your business to Google My Business so that you can get the full features and the full benefits of Google maps. Do not forget to add all necessary information to Google my business.