Free Traffic Sources for Your Website for Any Niche

Do you want to know about the free traffic sources for your website in 2020? You may think about how can I get free traffic on my website or blog?

Well done! There are a lot of ways to get free traffics on a website or business blogs in 2020. You need to make a plan with them by which you’ll be able to get more traffic what you’re getting on your website right now.

Almost everyone wants to get free traffics on their websites or blogs. Especially when people launched a new website, they try to get free traffic. You may also want to launch a new website. Besides, you may already have a website. Now you want to get traffics without spending money.

In this situation, you need to follow the following tasks. And you’re going to get more traffic on your website if you follow those methods perfectly. 

Benefits of Free Traffic Sources for Your Website

Now, let me explain some benefits of free traffic sources for your website. Once read this part, your imagination level will be more powerful and you’re going to be clear about it.

Firstly: You don’t need to spend any money on advertising if you use free methods for getting traffic. Suppose, you have a t-shirt business, and you want to get traffic on your landing pages to generate leads. In this situation, you need to follow the following free methods if you don’t have a budget for paid traffic.

Secondly: There is another important reason to try for free traffic. You have to find out the best traffic source in your niche. You have to know which traffic source is the best one for your business. Have it on your mind that every traffic source is not fit for every business. You have to find out by testing every method. 

Some Important Task to Get Free Traffic for Your Website

Need to add Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics service. It’s totally free offered by Google. Google launched this service in November 2005 at first after acquiring developer Urchin.

At present, it’s one of the best widely used website analytics service in the web world. You’ll be able to know through this platform which free traffic sources is perfect for your website. Furthermore, you’ll be able to take a perfect decision for your business based on this data. Now, click on this like and add Google analytics on your website.

Drop valuable content

Your website should have some valuable contents. Otherwise, the visitors of a certain niche won’t stay your website after visiting once. People always want to solve their problem. You just need to give them the solution to their problem to the point.

For this reason, give more focus on the website’s contents. Hire valuable content providers. Then, give them perfect content making strategies on your own. However, we have an awesome team who write valuable content to do enough research on the internet. You can contact us to hire them. Apart from, hire a graphic designer to make some amazing images and info-graphic.

Thus, you’ll be able to make valuable content.

Optimize Images for Google Image Search

Your website images need to optimize for Google image search. To do this, add “ALT Tag” on every images and info-graphic. Once adding an alt tag on every image, your website images will appear on the first page of Google images search. To know more about Google image search, read this article.

Best 6 Free Traffic Sources for Your Website

Now, let’s know about the best 5 free traffic sources for your website what you have ever known.

Here’re the best 5 free traffic sources for your website. Choose any one of them or you can try one by one. You’ll be able to find out the best free traffic source for your website from the following steps.

1| Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best methods of getting traffic on a website. People all over the world spend thousands of money to do SEO to get free of cast traffic on their website.

What is SEO? Here, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a little known tactic to get free traffic from search engines. On the other hand, SEO is a way of getting free traffic on a website from the SERPs. You don’t need to try any other free traffic methods if you can do SEO perfectly.

To do SEO, you need to learn first. Then, you need to take the experience to do SEO on your own. It’s a lengthy process. That’s because you need to hire an SEO agency. You can try our SEO service if you want. We’re one of the best SEO service providers around the world.

2| Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is a great idea to get free traffic. YouTube is not only a Social Media but also a search engine. It’s also a video blogging platform. It also a famous platform by which you can drive free traffic on your website. Do you know how to drive traffic from a YouTube Channel to a website at present? You can create a YouTube channel a couple of clicks. Follow the following steps.
  1. Start with basic with your brand name
  2. Fill the about us section
  3. Add your brand logo and channel art
  4. Research your market and know your audience
  5. Set up video making instruments. For example light, camera and etc.
  6. Upload your video regular basis
  7. Link your website URLs
  8. Finally, get free visitors.

3| Start Email Marketing

Sending email is also a great way to get free traffic on a website. It’s a proven method.

To get visitors on a website, a website owner needs to follow some steps what I’m going to share in the bottom line.
  1. Sign up with any email service provider company
  2. Then, add an email collection form on your website
  3. Or hire any freelancer to collect emails from yellow pages.
  4. After that, make a database based on the collected an email
  5. Write an awesome email newsletter
  6. Make an email sending plan. I mean when you should send an email. What is the leisure time of your visitor?
  7. Finally, send an email and drive free traffic on your website.

4| Use Facebook

Using Facebook is also an awesome idea to get visitors on a website. Facebook is one of the biggest social media throughout the world for the time being. Create a Facebook page in your industry. Complete that page with all data, including logo, banner, eye-catching post, and others.

Then, share your website link with relevant words. Thus, you can easily drive some free visitor to your website from Facebook. There are a lot of examples all over the world who are generating leads every day using a Facebook page. You should try this method to get free traffic right now.

5| Answer the Question on Quora

In a nutshell, Quora is one the world biggest question-and-answer site right now. It’s also a hub of getting quality traffic free of cost. Moreover, Quora is perfect for every niche and for every country. Now, it’s allowing almost 15 different languages for its visitors. It’s an amazing place for debating and learning about the world. There is a great diversity of opinion on the website for the common people. Everyone can voice their opinion.

To get free visitors from Quora, you need to put your link to your niche relevant articles. Thus, you’re going to get thousands of free traffic to your website every day. But have it on your mind that you’re not allowed to put your link from the first day once you create an account. You must follow its rules and regulations. Your activity on this platform should have naturalized.

6| Post on Reddit

By posting on Reddit is also a great idea to get more traffic free of cast. Almost half of the total young guys of the United State spend their leisure time on social media. You can easily drive thousands of visitors every day.

However, Reddit has a strong privacy policy. The authorities of Reddit don’t compromise with their privacy policy. They must be banned by the authority if anyone of them wants to break that. That’s because you need to follow their privacy policy. Earn some karma at first. Then, share your link as a human being.


These six free traffic sources absolutely help you to get free traffic on your website. All these methods are proven by thousands of website owners.

In addition, there are many free traffic sources instead of these five. Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, Press release are very common ways to drive traffic. You also can guest post on others website to get free traffic on your website.

However, always try to follow the rules and regulations of that website authority.