Off-Page SEO Activities List to Make Free Backlink

Want to know the off-page SEO activities list? Well done! You’re not alone. We’re with you to help you all the time. There is a common question on every newbie’s mind what is off-page SEO activities list? Here is the definition of off-page SEO have a glance bang on. Off-page SEO is originally nothing but a way of building backlinks for any website. It’s the way of improving the position of a website on the search engine pages (SERPs).  To rank of the first page of the search engine, off-page SEO is one of the most important parts that you should have known earlier.

Off-Page SEO Activities List

Here are some off-page SEO activities list that are working very well in 2019. As a link builder, you must keep knowledge about it in detail. Moreover, follow this chart and start working on it.
  1. PBN
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Infographic Submission
  4. Directory Submission
  5. Social Bookmarking
  6. Question and Answer
  7. Forum Posting
  8. Video Sharing
  9. Press Release
  10. Blog commenting, and many more.
However, let’s take a clear idea about these techniques list that you can take the essential steps to get rank on the first page of the search engine.

1| PBN

What is PBN in SEO? PBN stands for private blog network. A PBN is a group of website used to build backlink to a particular website to get rank on the first page of the search engine. In most of the time, people use PBN to get rank on the first page of Google. Marketers usually do it as Google is one of the best sources of getting visitors to a website on any particular topic.

To make a group of PBN website, you have to find out some good expired domain name from any domain auction with high DA and PA. After then, you have make website newly using those domain names. Finally, you’ll place one or two link(s) on every PBN website to the mother website. An important note is that Google don’t like PBN. As it’s a black hat method so you have to do it carefully. Otherwise, you may get penalized by Google.

2| Guest Posting

Guest posting is, commonly known as Guest blogging, one of the top white hat ways of building backlinks for any website. It’s work amazing.

What is Guest posting? Guest posting is a way of getting backlink from another website on the same topic. It’s said that a guest post backlink is 100 times better than getting backlink by using any other method.

The reason is a guest post can make your website more valuable at the eye of Google. Guest post will help you to build branding, authority, Google authorship. It’ll also help you to get more traffic from others website instantly.

However, there are more benefits of doing guest post nowadays. Doing guest post on others website, you may be able to create a strong relationship with the owner of the website that have been built at the same topic.

3| Infographic Submission

What is infographic submission? You may think about what infographic submission is? The word “infographic” means to share information through graphic.

A valuable infographic can be shared thousands of times if that infographic has some value.

There are some common benefits of creating infographic nowadays. These are:
  1. An infographic can be shared more than 100 times on the social media compared to text information or a link.
  2. An infographic can help you to hold you visitors for a long time on your website.
  3. On an infographic, you can add more information using charts, layout, color, and many more ideas.
  4. Most of the people like to be cleared within a short time. So, infographic submission can be one of the best ways to cut people’s intention for a whole.
  5. It’s an important way to reduce your website bounce rate in no time.
  6. Google and the other search engines always like infographic.
That’s why try to create more infographic for your website.

4| Directory Submission

What is directory submission? Directory submission is a process of submitting your website to get backlink from the relevant categories. There is millions of directory submission website in the world. Some of them are totally free and some of them are paid.

There are three types of directory submission website in the world. These are:
  1. Basic directory submission
  2. Normal directory submission
  3. And multiple directory submission
You can get backlink for getting more link juice to your website.

Benefits of building backlinks on directory submission in 2019 that you have to know as a website owner.
  1. Directory submission helps your website to increase your website ranking on the search engine pages.
  2. It’s a solid way of building backlink from the very beginning.
  3. Approximately, every directory website gives contextual backlink that may play important roles on every website.
  4. Niche directory website backlink helps you to get better rank on the search engine.

5| Social Bookmarking

What is social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is an online service that allows their users to add, edit, share, and annotate any web document. This is a system by using this you can store any website for using later.

In general, when Google sees that a website is being listed on social bookmarking websites more and more, thereby it may get a positive signal to rank your website faster than any other website.

Many people want to know why they should make social bookmarking, and you’re may be one of them. To give a clear idea, let’s read the following facts.
  1. Social bookmarking helps to create more brand awareness.
  2. Help to promote your content everywhere.
  3. It helps your website to get faster indexing on the search engine.
  4. It helps to get targeted traffic on any website.
  5. Social bookmarking is the ultimate way of getting more leads.
  6. By doing social bookmarking, you’ll get more subscriptions for your website that may help you to create a strong brand.
  7. It must help your to increase your website’s domain authority.
  8. To get more social signals, social bookmarking plays amazing rules nowadays.
  9. It also helps your website to blast your website pagerank (PR).

6| Question and Answer

There are some websites on the internet where mass-people can make questions and other people can give the answer of those questions.

However, question and answer websites are very limited in the world. These are very few but have much value to the eyes of the mass-people. Needless the say, Quora is one of them. Quora is not only a website but also one of the most famous questions and answers website in this digital world.

There are millions of visitors from every site of the world. People come here to know something about any matter or what’s on their mind. And other people who are very expert on that particular topic give answer.

As an owner of a website, you can get thousands of visitors to utilize this platform. How? Go to quora and search on the search box about your niche. Thereby, you’ll get a lot of questions by the people of all over the world. Now, help them to give the valuable answer and put your website link to visit them to know more on that topic.

Thus you’ll get thousands of visitors on your website within a couple of days.

7| Forum Posting

Forum posting is almost similar to question and answer site although there is a great difference between them.

What is forum posting? Forum posting is an online platform where people discuss about any related topics that are related to that forum. In general, one makes a question on any topic or what’s on his mind and the rest people give answer what they’re thinking about that topic.

Note: A forum can give you thousands of visitors if you can give valuable answer of that question. To drive lots of visitors on your website, it is an important way from the very beginning.

Benefits of forum posting

There are many benefits of forum posting that we’ve pointed here for you. Let’s look at a glance.
  1. After making a valuable forum post, you can add a signature link. Thereby, people may click that link and visit your website.
  2. Forum backlinks are very useful to get rank on the first page of the search engines.
  3. By a forum post, you will be able to build up your website branding on the internet.

Final Thought

To sum up, off-page SEO is not so important as compared to on page SEO. Originally, you need to give more focus on the on side SEO of a website. After then, try to build some valuable backlinks for your website.

Have it on your mind that you don’t need to follow all the link building strategy what we’ve discussed above. Rather, you should give focus any one or two to cut a better result in this competitive market.

One important thing is you can give your concentration on guest posting. Some guest post form the high valuable website can change your website life.