About Us

I’m Shamim Hossin, from techshamim.com. I live in the capital city of Bangladesh over the last few years. 

I’m a student of Northern University Bangladesh department of Accounting. Besides my study, I’m an internet marketer as well. Over the last couple of years, I’ve worked to rank website on multiple niches on the first page of the SERPs, Google is one of them. 

By doing SEO for tons of websites, I’ve been, right now, a self-declared SEO specialist. No matter how competitive your niche is. I’ll be able to rank your website within a couple of weeks on the first page of the SERPs. 

However, I’ve also learned web design and WordPress theme customization by myself. I always have one or more than one clients each and every day who make me customize their website. If you need to customize your website to look that real and authentic, then feel free to know me. 

I hope I’ll be able to make your business or eCommerce website nicely. That will help you to reduce your website’s bounce rate as well as increase seals ratio bit by bit. Let’s come back to the main point!

Why Do I Launch This Website?

Maybe, you’re thinking about the reason behind this website. Frankly speaking, I’ve launched this website spending tons of hours for you. Building such a resource based website is not a piece of cake. To make a resource based website, one needs to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of hours at all. 

However, I built this website for the purpose of helping those people who are in the SEO field. Who need to make backlinks each and every day for their clients’ website. 

If you’re someone from the SEO field, you must realize that we’re to search niche related blogs, forums, communities to make backlinks, right? That’s not an easy job!

When it comes to figuring out a few niche related links, we people get under depression. The reason behind is that it’s not an easy task to find out a few niche related blogs, forums, communities from Google. Think of you, I’ve built this website with tons of website links to help you. 

However, here is the ultimate list of my website’s categories.
  • All Google Product
  • All Image Service Website
  • All Image Design Website
  • All Cloud Storage website
  • All Software Provider Companies
  • All SEO Tools
  • All PPC Network Websites
  • All Famous Email Marketing Tools
  • A list of link shortener tools
  • All Freelance Websites
  • A list of familiar and unfamiliar affiliate programs
  • All CPA Network list
  • All Payment Gateway List
  • All Virtual Card Company list
  • Two different lists of free and paid hosting provider companies throughout the world
  • All WP themes
  • All store Builders
  • All landing page websites
  • A list of Life chat toolkit provider companies
  • A large list of Social media websites
  • A list of SEO related groups on Facebook
  • A list of Affiliate program related groups on Facebook
  • A list of Graphic design related groups on Facebook and many more. 

Dear Buddies, 

At present, say goodbye to your depression. Use my resource pages to access links in any niche. Save your time, save your money. 

Enjoy your life with your family. 
Happy SEO journey!