I’m Shamim Hossain from techshamim.com. I live in Naogaon of Bangladesh. 

Recently, I’ve competed my graduation and post-graduation from Northern University Bangladesh under Business Adminitarstion. Besides my study, I’ve practiced web design and development as well. over the last couple of years, I’ve completed tons of projects with huge success. Till now, I’ve build many different website (e-commerce, corporate, blogging, classified ads and many more) according to the clients’ requirements. 

Right now, I’m a self-declared web design and development specialist. No matter how much competitive your website designs, I’m capable to build website based on your requirements. 

Needless to say, Website design and development is my passion. I learned it myself. I always have one or more than one client who makes me build their website. If you need to build your website to look that real and authentic to your industry, feel free to knock me. 

I’ll help you to design your website at any industry. Then, you’ll see that visitors are paying more attention to your website. Of course, visitors will become much more engage with your website. 


As a web designer and developer, my mission is to help small business owners in order to ensure their online activity through their own websites. It goes without saying that there are many small and medium businesses in world without any websites. Who really want to ensure their online presence through their website? But, they have limited budget. In this case, I help them to build their website within their budget. 


In order to ensure a dynamic website for every small and medium business owners, I’m continuously trying to create more websites as much as I can. But, to be honest, it’s almost impossible for me to ensure a dynamic website for every business unless I make a web design and development team with a few expert designers. And only for this reason, I’m going to build a team of 30 members who have keen knowledge in web designing and development. By the way, I hope that I’ll be able to reach my goal in the near future.