SEO Friendly Content Writing Service

Content writing is a service like others, including SEO, SMM, Web design. Generally, the professional writers provide this service. They generally do enough research and make a valuable content for a business.

They almost all time give their valuable service by any marketplace. It can be local market or it can be an international marketplace. Sometimes, they give their valuable service from their own website not to go any market.

Moreover, quality content is very important for every business’s success. That is why you need to hire some valuable company to grow your sales for the time. Thus, you will be able to compete with your competitors. You can knock us if you need any valuable content about any topic. Our dedicated team will help you to give you a valuable content in time.

What is SEO friendly content?

Firstly we know about what SEO friendly content is. Here are some metrics by you can write an SEO friendly content to appear on the first page of the SERPs for at present.

1| Keyword Research

To be an SEO friendly content, once the content writer has to do keyword research. Without keyword research, your content cannot be SEO friendly. You can use any software to do this. Pick any software for your keyword research.

2| USE of LSI Keyword

To do something new and difference you need to use the LSI keyword to appear on the first of the SERPs. Without using LSI, your website may not appear on the first page of the SERPs. Let’s use the LSI keyword to write an SEO friendly content for the time being.

Why Content Writing is Important?

Here are three reasons why valuable content is important for an online business. Let’s look at a glance.

1| Quality content is the first fact to get organic quality backlink. People will give you backlink without giving money if your website has quality content. That is why try to write quality content. Yes, this is a great decision for your online success.

2| The second reason is visitor’s dwell time. Google algorithm always focus on visitor’s dwell time. You can rank a website in no time if you make sure that your website has quality content and visitors stay a lot of time.

3| The third reason is human nature. Think about human sociology. When a man gets a quality content they stay on a website. But when they don’t get any quality content to read to get back another website. For this reason, always try to focus on quality content

Why Search engine focus on quality content?

Very simple question. You will be able to know if you know how Google actually do their business. Google do its business to monetize its audience. They always ensure a good result for their client. If they fail to give valuable information on their users, they will be failed to do their business for the time being. And their visitor will go to another search engine to find out data or information.

For this reason, they always make sure that their users keep with them. Thus, they do their business. For this quality content is very important to get rank on the first page of Google

Service That Tech Shamim Offer To You

1| Content for AdSenseWe have a great team who write quality content and work only to write who has AdSense related website or blog. You can knock us if you need to write content for your AdSense blog. Knock us now and get a valuable quote

2| Content for Amazon AffiliationThe importance of affiliation blog is increasing day by day. People can make money in a couple of months if they have a affiliation blog. You can hire our team to write valuable and informative content for your affiliation blog.

3| Content for News PortalWe are also able to write for news portal website. It is very easy for us. Try to take a great budget for your news portal website

4| Content for Guest PostWe can also write guest post for you. It is our daily duty. We are already writing article for our clients.

5| Content for Press ReleaseWe are also able to write press release for you. We know how to do it. Let’s knock us to know details. Let’s see our content writing service.

6| Content for Email MarketingWe are already writing thousands of articles in every month. No doubt, we will be able to write email marketing content to attract your audience.

What to check Before Hiring Someone to Write Contents?

Now, let’s know about what actually know before hiring someone to write contents. There is various type of factors what you should justify before hiring someone.
  1. Hire someone to write who has different writing style. It is very important for everyone. That is why hire someone who has different type of writing style. Thus, you can rich your goal.
  2. Hire someone who can write random subjects. It is also very important for every one business. You have to focus on this factor if you want to rank on your website on the search engines within some days.
  3. Hire someone who has original content writing skill in this field. And a good and successful content writer will have good reputations. You need to check someone to hire about his reputations.
  4. Hire someone who has huge knowledge about HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, SEO and WordPress. Because without it, you cannot rich your goal nowadays. A good content writer must have excellent knowledge about HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, SEO. Thus, you will be able to write something new and difference for your business success.
  5. Hire someone who has huge knowledge about social media. Without social media knowledge you can satisfied your social media’s audience.

Why are we the best choice for your business?

  1. We make content creation simple
  2. We provide SEO optimize content
  3. Our content is very flexible by which you can show off your uniqueness
  4. We always make sure on time delivery
  5. We have a dedicated team
  6. We write everything in-depth
  7. No compromise with quality
  8. We have university educated and professional content writer
  9. We provide 100% unique content
  10. All contents are human readable

What type of content you can publish on your website?

Let’s discuss about an important part of content writing goal. What type of content you should publish on your business website at present? And what type of content people actually want to read and share with their friends on their social media. That is why content writing service is very important for every business for the time being. Here is some reason why people want to read a valuable content and what they actually like to share.

1| People always like to share “list post”. For example: 6 best dog food in 2020 what you should know, 5 free plagiarism checker tools in 2020, Top 10 backlink checker tools in 2020 for your online success, Top 15 laptops brand what you should know before buying any laptops in 2020

2| People always like to read case studies. They always focus on case studies. That is why try to write case studies on your website and blog.

3| People always find out online resource pages. This is very true. You can reach your goal if you build online resource for your audience.

4| Share informative info-graphic with our audience. People always like to read and share with their social media account if they get any valuable info. That is why try to share valuable info-graphic.

5| Try to write about how to topics. There are billions of search volumes on “How to topics”. People always try to solve their problem and search on how to topics. Let’s start working on this topic. For Example: Here is a list of “How to topic”. Take a great idea from here, How to install Adobe Photoshop software in 2020!, How to take a decision before merry any girl in this digital era., How to install WordPress software on a new website in one click