Techshamim is a leading web designing agency. Right now, we are providing all kinds of support regarding websites from our agency. Know why we offer a lot of freebies? It’s nothing but our brand’s beauty. From templates to plugins, all premium deals you can get for free.

As a premium web design agency, we are offering all for your greatest comfort. Not only at web designing, but we are also best at spreading love through freebies too. Let’s see which freebies you can get with our designs.

1| Envato Elements Themes

Envato elements themes are very popular among web designs. There are a lot of options that you can use easily to get what you want. From agro to e-commerce, Envato elements themes offer all in great comfortability. 

With us, you can get free Envato Elements Themes that are WP responsive, creative, consist of a lot of free photos and graphics designs and most of all, many plugins you may need for the best output with your website. If you do not know how to install themes, then we can even help you with that.

Techshamim offers 1400+ WP responsive Envato Elements themes that you can easily integrate with your website. And if you know how to install themes and related plugins, you can reap all the benefits with us. Each of the themes is worth $49. So, why do you still think I will provide you with any of these themes for free of cost?

2| Envato Elements Plugins

Besides Envato Elements Themes, we are offering 642+ plugins for your WP website with us. From 7 colour schemes to Google Maps, even payment gateways all are available with these plugins. They are premium and paid versions. But certainly, you can get them for free with Techshamim. 

Not only this, you may need your contents to be protected as you made them with google keywords generated. For both intentions, you may need good quality plugins for your website. You can get them with Envato Elements Plugins. While a plugin costs you $29 on average, you can certainly get them for free.

3| Envato Elements Elementor Template

Even, if you are getting themes, plugins and all, you may be looking for a particular template for your particular design/niche. It may be a business, blog, eCommerce, and many more. Customization freely with keeping the product category in mind is very important. We understand that very well and we are offering 1200+ Envato Elements Elementor Templates for free. Just for you!

You can easily decorate your website with any of the elementor templates if you know how to install the elementor template. Every benefit is available with these templates just waiting for you. All will provide you with comfort as you like it. 

4| Grammarly Premium

If you are going to write good quality content for your website and make them customer-friendly, you may need Grammarly. Nowadays, it is a popular tool for website content creators. For Premium content, you need Grammarly Premium. We provide you with an opportunity to use Grammarly Premium for free. A freebie like this is very useful for your quick blog-writing or content creation of any kind.

For your information, the premium package you get with us is worth $12+ if you buy online.

5| PLR eBooks

Not just premium templates and plugins, you will get a lot of free ebooks to optimize your website with Techshamim. These books are very useful to run your e-commerce or blog sites online. Even for affiliate marketing, we are offering free ebooks that can take your experience to another level. Let’s see which books you can get free with only Tech Shamim-

1. Dominate The Web 2.0 Market - The 47-page book can give you a good direction for your marketing strategies in the new era. 

2. Viral Traffic Generation - The book shows 21 simple ways to turn lots of traffic to your website. It is very valuable for your new website.

3. Affiliate Marketing Master - The book just makes you the guru of affiliate marketing in no time.

4. Blogging For Cash - The 28-page book shows you the easiest way of earning safe cash from only blogging.

5. Maximum Profit - Know your rights regarding your content, and how to label your private content online. You can earn a huge profit if you follow rules here. 

6. Advanced SEO Techniques - If you are starting a new website, it is essential to learn the SEO techniques for your smooth maintenance. You can find all the easy details here.

7. Super JV Secrets - Choose the right partner for JV with the tips shown in this 68 pages book. 

Knowledge cannot be measured by money. But according to the internet, the books are worth $140 in total which you get for free.

Final Verdict

Are you still thinking if you should knock us? Don't panic! Visit our blog and see how we have helped several folks. 

However, if you like freebies, it’s no time wasted. Join us and start your website with Tech Shamim right now.